The idea behind AirBookReader

Are you a book worm like I am?

One of the first reasons I bought my iPad was so that I could bring all my books with me everywhere. At first I thought it would be easy connecting to the internet to download and start reading anything I wanted. As I found out it wasn't that easy. Everything I downloaded needed to go through another program to convert into readable files. It was a small concept that gave me the idea of airbook reader. What if my iPad could be directly connected to my home pc where I could access all my files? Not only would this be all my books, but all my personal photos and documents saved on my home pc! No more e-mailing my baby photos to my friends when you can just show them on the spot! My love for reading books gave birth to a program needed by all iPad owners: A link to my home computer!


AirBookReader is an ebook reader. AirBookReader can read ebook format files located in your home PC by connecting to Airbookhome. The AirBookReader support not only various ebook formats such as Image, Text, PDF, ePub, CBZ, CBR but also MS-Office files such as DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PPT, PPTX and RTF. The AirBookReader also supports ZIPed files without extraction. The application can also provide a link to your home pc, which allows you to view your personal photos and files anywhere you want.

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